New Labor Market Study Shows Gaps Between Employers and Workforce Training System

Opportunities Exist in Middle-Skill Jobs that Do Not Require College Degrees

Leadership Journey: A Reflection

Grab a cup of coffee and jump in as we reflect back on how leaders became leaders and why they continue in this role.

All Things Nonprofit Boards: Part 1

Boards…Boards…Boards. They can make or break a nonprofit organization. In a few weeks, we will be launching a series of conversations focused on nonprofit boards. Join us today for a sneak peek of what is to come.

Developing High-powered Boards

Do you struggle with your board? Are your members not as engaged as you wish they were? Do you dream of a high-functioning group of partners who are just as invested as you are in the organization’s health? Join us as we talk to Hardy Smith about turning your board into the dream team you need.

Regional Workforce Challenges

Workforce issues are regional and today we are going to be joined by Beth Weisbrod, the Vice President of Talent and Workforce at the Chamber of Commerce in Richmond, Virginia, known as Chamber RVA. We’ll be talking about challenges and opportunities to build a more resilient workforce.

Leadership Development for Emerging Leaders of Color

Why are leadership programs designed for people of color important?

Leadership development programs have been around for decades. So, why is focusing on leadership programs, specifically for people of color important?
How does dedicating your work ensure that emerging leaders of color have the opportunity to learn and grow professionally, build deep relationships with peers and become the next generation of leaders in the non-profit sector. Join us in this episode and let’s find out.

Fostering Leaders – Changing a Community

What if there were a leadership program that transformed leaders and the community? What would that look like? Join us as we hear about the Community Leadership Program in New Haven, Connecticut and how they are fostering a community of leaders changing the landscape.

Implementing with The 4 Disciplines of Execution

Today, we’re going to discuss and learn the importance of creating strategic plans and moving them into action using a specific framework to ensure that those plans don’t gather dust.

Fundraising Board: A leader’s journey to transforming her board

Are you struggling with board engagement or getting your board members to fundraise? You are not alone. Join us as we hear one leader’s journey to transforming her board.

Structural Solutions to Sustaining Your Workforce

One year ago, Laura Perille came on the show. She talked to us about struggling to maintain staffing for her early childhood education centers. Her approach was bold, a little risky, and took a structural approach. This week, she’s back with an update.

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