Building feedback loops, one metric at a time

One of the tools that I use to manage my clients’ evaluations is Social Suite. It’s a powerful online tool that makes it possible to manage complicated evaluations and turn around analysis fast. I had the opportunity to have a conversation with the team at Social Suite and talk about some of the elements that I think are important in getting started with evaluation.

The key takeaways from our conversation are:

  1. Evaluation isn’t a test, it’s a continuous process of trying things, examining the results, and making improvements
  2. If you’re just getting started, focus on one metric. Practice looking at it, having conversations about it, and using it to make decisions. When everyone in the organization can talk about and use one, think about adding a second.
  3. Evaluation is your duty as part of the field. It’s a gift you give to other programs that are working in your field to help them be as effective as possible. Blog posts, online articles, and conference presentations are great ways to share your learning. 

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Pieta Blakely

About Pieta Blakely

I help mission-based organizations measure their impact so that they can do what they do well. I started my nonprofit career as a teacher in workforce development and adult basic education. It was important work and I was worried that we didn’t really know if we were doing it well. In the process of trying to answer that question, I got a Masters in Education and a PhD in Social Policy, and became an evaluator.

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