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A complete plan for measuring and managing your impact.

Demystify the nonprofit program evaluation process

As a nonprofit leader, you know measuring your program results and making program improvements can be a little daunting. And anecdotal stories of your program’s success, while wonderful, often aren’t enough to prove you are achieving your mission. Foundations, individual donors, and other funders want verification that your organization is having a measurable impact on those you serve. With measurable results in hand, you can gain the funding for your nonprofit to continue to do its good work.

At Rojas Blakely & Associates, we work hard to demystify the nonprofit program evaluation process and, quite frankly, make it a little less scary. It’s important to know it’s not about judging you, your coworkers, or your employees — it’s about developing realistic and measurable goals for your programs that can demonstrate you are achieving real change in your community.

If you hire Rojas Blakely & Associates to be your program evaluation consultant, we’ll work with you to:

  • Document your current goals, activities, and outcomes (develop a logic model),
  • Review your current key performance indicators (KPIs),
  • Select new KPIs and connect them to your mission,
  • Create an accountability plan for staff, and
  • Develop a plan for analyzing and interpreting your measures, including what to do if the results are disappointing.

We are here to walk alongside you in the process and leave you with a strong understanding of what to measure, how to measure it, and how to use your results to continually improve your programs.

Benefits of working with Rojas Blakely & Associates:

  • We take the fear out of program evaluation. We explain things clearly and help guide you through the process. Plus, we’re friendly!
  • We are practical about what can be done. We won’t promise the moon and give you a rock.
  • We are knowledgeable and experienced. We have been doing program evaluation since 2007, and we bring over 20 years of experience in nonprofits, workforce development, and education.
  • We don’t want to evaluate for evaluation’s sake. We’re not just sitting in our offices dreaming about charts and graphs. (Okay, maybe sometimes.) We want to help make your programs more effective.

Let's get started building your evaluation plan

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